Lost In Music: Takako Minekawa- Fantastic Cat

Despite being a moody old goth, I do have a love of really, really ridiculously kitsch art. This extends to music, and nobody makes better kitsch music than the Japanese. Takako Minekawa released this oddity in the mid-90s and it is much more imaginative than the J pop that followed in her wake.

Part hoedown, part Kraftwerk, it’s cuckoo bananas in the best ways possible. Listen out for the dissonant middle eight, you will chuckle out loud. And I’m guessing it may become an earworm.

It’s like the 90s equivalent of ‘Popcorn ‘ by Hot Butter, or one of those songs that gets everyone up at weddings, regardless of their taste- irresistible. I dare you not to smile listening to this one.

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4 thoughts on “Lost In Music: Takako Minekawa- Fantastic Cat

  1. It’s great to see someone appreciating kitschy art and music! It’s fun and lighthearted, and can be a great way to add some joy and laughter to our lives. Takako Minekawa’s music sounds like a delightful combination of hoedown and Kraftwerk, and I’m intrigued by the dissonant middle eight that’s sure to bring a chuckle. Thank you for sharing this unique and enjoyable piece of music with us!

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  2. Oh, how I resonate with your love for kitsch art! Takako Minekawa’s mid-90s release sounds like a delightful blend of eccentricity and creativity. I can imagine the fusion of hoedown and Kraftwerk elements creating a wonderfully unique musical experience. Your description of the dissonant middle eight piques my curiosity, and I can’t resist a song that brings a smile to everyone’s face. Thank you for sharing this hidden gem; I’m eager to give it a listen and embrace its irresistible charm. Thank you for introducing me to something new!

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