Techno Tinkerbell: Bjork at Shepherd’s Bush Empire, 1997

This film marks Bjork’s transition from the “shy girl” from Debut, as she put it, to the bolder, almost cartoonish Techno Tinkerbell ( my term) of the Post tour.

The whole band are on fire here. From Leila Arab mixing, Ed Handley and Andy Turner on keyboards to Guy Sigsworth making ambient sound, to Coba on improvised accordion and legendary jazz drummer Trevor Morais.

Morais effectively duets with Bjork on a frenetic but stripped back One Day, Army Of Me is much more explosive live than on record, and the lesser known tracks like I Go Humble and Enjoy are looser, cavernous and funkier.

Bjork, with vintage Hollywood diva haircut and pink nightie dress is less manic but still playful, her vocals controlled and beautiful.

It pointed the way, coming as it did pre-millenium, to Bjork expanding her vision even more. She’d always been a prescient artist. These songs still sound wildly inventive and stand up well, ahead of her masterpieces Homogenic and Vespertine.

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