Preview: Oceanallover – The Self Assembled, Drygate

Oceanallover are a brilliant, eccentric and visceral company who fuse performance art, dance, songs and pagan poetry. They’re an endlessly shapeshifting unit formed by Alex Rigg, not quite of this earth, yet rooted in nature. Now they’re taking their unique retrospective to Drygate on April 1st.

In their own words …

” The first major retrospective and celebration of performer, choreographer and artist Tracy Alexander Rigg, The Self Assembled is an immersive evening of theatre performance and progressive beats with live music from Samson Sounds, prominent sub-bass frequencies from London-based electronic music pioneer DJ N-TYPE with dubstep legend SGT Pokes. A medley of movement, costume and performance celebrating four decades of the wondrous work of Oceanallover… A unique moment in the particular, peculiar and creative life of Tracy Alexander Rigg and his marvellously talented friends. Eating, drinking, dressing up, looking and un-looking,discussing, discoursing, dancing, listening and experiencing this celebratory event should not be missed!”

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