Overlooked Classics: Le Boucher (1970)

Written and directed by French thriller auteur Claude Chabrol, Le Boucher is in many ways, something of a curio. Is it accurate to define it as a thriller when the murderer is no mystery to the viewer? After all, the film’s main focus is that of the two leads who dominate most of the screenContinue reading “Overlooked Classics: Le Boucher (1970)”

The Anti- Amelie: He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

This classic French film is the antithesis of trite rom-coms. Amelie it ain’t. Angelique (Audrey Tautou) is a fine arts student in love with Loic (Samuel Le Bihan) a much older cardiologist. Angelique is absolutely smitten, and desperately wants him to leave his pregnant wife. She’s an intially charming young woman, popular and well- liked,Continue reading “The Anti- Amelie: He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not”


Throaty Voiceover: From the producers of Overwrought French Drama, and the director of Fraught French Sequel, comes a clichéd new French film, much like every other clichéd mainstream French romance. Starring Marion Cotillard as troubled but sexy Emilie, and two other men you’ve never heard of, Yves Homme and Jean-Pierre Bof, comes… Malaide. Marion CotillardContinue reading “Malaide”