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Throaty Voiceover:

From the producers of Overwrought French Drama, and the director of Fraught French Sequel, comes a clichéd new French film, much like every other clichéd mainstream French romance.

Starring Marion Cotillard as troubled but sexy Emilie, and two other men you’ve never heard of, Yves Homme and Jean-Pierre Bof, comes… Malaide.

Marion Cotillard (yelling and breaking her coffee cup):

Merde! Je deteste la vie!

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Throaty Voiceover:

Featuring smoking, loveless sex and an angsty love triangle full of psychological meltdowns in an impossibility beautiful set of locations, Malaide will sate your need for French cinema… And then some. Malaide. It’s in Seine.

Marion Cotillard (depressed):

Je t’aime… mais… Je suis triste.

Malaide is coming soon, on limited release.

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