Album Review: Pickle Darling- Laundromat

As more artists emerge, blinking, from lockdown uncertainty into new horizons, it’s good to see others who remain true to the lo-fi spirit. New Zealand based multi-instrumentalist and producer Pickle Darling, real name Lukas Mayo, is one such artist.

Photo credit: Nick Robinson

Their third album is eccentric, fuzzy and really rather sweet, but never cloying. Distortion and electronic noodling has rarely felt this cuddly, evoking the early days of Daniel Johnston, who like Mayo made and recorded much music from home. Well, for the sake of accuracy, it’s more like The Shins doing Daniel Johnston songs.

There’s a sense of humour here, a real warmth and sincerity too. Tracks like King Of Joy, Invercargill Angel , and the title track itself feel like sunshine, with a touch of wistfulness. It’s a winning combination, like the feeling of meeting up with a long – lost friend: definitely one to relish (sorry). Summer suddenly looks promising.

Out via Father/Daughter Records on 16th of June

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