Just Step Sideways: Richard Dawson- The Hermit

He’s possibly the closest thing we’ve got to a modern-day William Blake, with his lyrical, wry and political musings on our troubled isle.. Now, the genius that is Richard Dawson, officially releases the forty one minute video for The Hermit.

Directed by film maker James Hankins and filmed in South West England in the summer of 2022, the film is steeped in ambiguity and intrigue, full of characters at whose fate we can only guess, culminating in Dawson as a kind of mythic shepherd. It’s poignant, beautiful and delicate, as with so much of his musings on most recent album The Ruby Cord.


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One thought on “Just Step Sideways: Richard Dawson- The Hermit

  1. It sounds great. I’m just always grateful for you putting Fall sound bites in my head. That opening riff just step s’ ways…played the album to celebrate the end of winter (by way of the track, Winter) recently as I do every year on the seam of the two seasons. Throwing my fist in the air now for MES and that two-drummer lineup, amen to that.

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