Lost In Music: Sonic Youth and Lydia Lunch- Death Valley ’69

I’m not a huge admirer of Richard Kern. To me, he’s just a dirty old man who keeps on- inexplicably- getting art funds. Okay, Submit To Me was kinda sexy, in a ridiculous way. But his video for Sonic Youth and Lydia Lunch ‘s Death Valley ’69 is brilliant, co-directed by Judith Barry.

Indeed, some of it features some of his sex and violence clips with a deranged looking Lung Leg… But it’s the juxtaposition of this with the gory bits (SY mutilated) and live clips of the band that complements the incendiary track. I love it, them, and Lydia forever.

The Manson theme and fascination is questionable. But they were there first, before Tarantino. took it to box office gold It’s a classic to me.

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