The Surprise Hit of 2022: Justin Hawkins Rides Again

Who would -a thunk it? Justin Hawkins, lead singer of The Darkness, has become the YouTuber of 2022. With his brilliant comic timing, sense of irony and vast musical knowledge, he’s a louche, irreverent delight.

Erudite and self deprecating, the stylish frontman also has an extremely eclectic taste in music.Essentially, he knows his Arca from his Elbow.

Forget the latest influencers, make-up tutorials or Tik Tok toddlers, Hawkins ruminating on Polyphia, Babymetal or how the Venga Boys represent transience is a pure joy. And how we clapped along to Obituary, ohhh, how we clapped along…

In another tough year, full of war, hellish headlines and Liz Truss, Hawkins is the healing balm. That falsetto reminds us all, there’s still some good in this crazy world.


Published by loreleiirvine

I'm a freelance arts monkey. Come see my brain vomit.

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