Edinburgh Festival Preview – Taiwan Season at Dance Base

Dance Base has always had an international remit, and the Festival for 2022 is no exception. The Taiwan Season features world class performance and incredible visuals. Here are three highlights to catch this year.

Fusing classical ballet with martial arts and modern influences, Po-Ching Tsai’s Floating Flowers takes Buddhist ceremony and ritual as its central theme.

See You from Hung Dance is a moving, highly personal meditation on intimacy, connection and loss.

Meanwhile, Monster from Dua Shin Production is a darker proposition, with metaphysical themes rendered in a dance performance both dreamlike and psychedelic.

As the festival unfurls, with all of the requisite chaos, Dance Base remains a venue in which more thoughtful, contemplative work can be found.

Main image: Floating Flowers


Aug 2-25th, Dance Base, Grassmarket, Edinburgh

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