Dance Film Review: Rambert 2- Block Party

Canadian choreographer Megan Lawson has worked with Adele, Madonna and Katy Perry amongst others. Her new short film created in collaboration with the young dancers from Rambert Dance Company, Rambert 2, is called Block Party.

It’s an eye-popping, vibrant and surreal film, with the colourfully attired ensemble rippling as one like a snake and toppling over like dominoes. Lawson’s direction and choreography is wildly inventive and witty, incorporating street dance and contemporary dance .

The music by Micka Luna is like a cross between Tuneyards and Tom Tom Club, at once contemporary and retro, as is the styling.

Alana Mejia Gonzalez, the director of photography, deserves props for her fast cuts and witty editing, but in the main, it’s all beautifully integrated- a superb team effort.

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