We all know Irvine Welsh’s classic novel, play and film Trainspotting was set in Leith in Edinburgh, but for Danny Boyle’s film adaptation of the mid- nineties, a couple of pivotal scenes were shot in the Maryhill area of Glasgow.

One infamous shot of the pub where wee ned psychopath Begbie (Robert Carlyle) casually tosses his beer glass over a balcony, injuring a punter, was filmed in Crosslands pub. Now a cheery gastro pub with a beer garden called BrewHaus, the space proved authentic as a more rough and ready location.

Brew Haus

In contrast, one of the most poignant scenes took place in the lovely diner Cafe D’ Jaconelli, with its sweet fifties decor. Renton (Ewan Mcgregor) and Spud (Ewan Bremner) share a large milkshake to stave off drug nausea, following the funeral of their best friend Tommy. It’s symbolic of their fraternal closeness, and more innocent times, before heroin became the focal point of their lives.


Despite Glasgow’s fierce reputation, it’s notable for having many wonderfully cinematic locations. And I say that with all the love and respect as a resident of Glasgow for over two decades.

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