Lost In Music: Aphex Twin- Come To Daddy

In these terrible days of Boris and his cronies’ collective hubris, we need an anthem to guide us into the light- a song which, heads raised aloft like Boudicca, we sing to raise spirits and gladden hearts. It’s what Dame Vera stood for and by jingo, it’s what we need right now.

Bollocks we do. I don’t give a flying turtle fuck for the “keep calm and carry on” ethos we’ve been force-fed ad nauseum throughout the pandemic. What we need is a screaming techno glitchy nightmare, wherein concave demons terrorise sweet -faced elderly ladies, and swarms of marauding school kiddies rule the lawless land in their unblinking, rictus grinning Richard D James masks: bless those little tykes.

I give you… Come To Daddy. Some videos and tunes never lose their power, and so it is with this vision of hell, directed with unflinching inky dark humour by the peerless Chris Cunningham. It may be as old as a Gen Z-er these days, but it still freaks me out (in a good way). A blistering piece of work, and splendid tune.

Truly, ’tis a song for our times

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