Spock’s Hubris

Say what you like about ol’ William Shatner, he never attempted a book of appalling poetry. Unlike Star Trek co-star Leonard Nimoy.

Perhaps such artistic hubris was due to the fact that said actor shared his first name with Laughing Len Cohen, but let us not ask why.

How bad is it? It’s pissed Jim Morrison in Morrison’s, escorted out of the fruit aisle for trying to stick his cock in a watermelon and murmuring about ‘brown acid’ bad.

It’s ‘second career should this not take off’ bad. Worse than his songs about Hobbits, which in retrospect are rather charming.

It’s pages and pages of declarations of love, as Nimoy reiterates that he will, indeed, think of her.

The back states, using a somewhat hyperbolic pronouncement:

“Anyone who knows what it is to love will tremble in recognition of the truth and beauty on these pages… Countless millions of people have seen Leonard Nimoy in his starring roles in Star Trek and other outstanding dramas. Now a vast new audience is discovering him as one of the unforgettable poets of our time”.

In earth, everyone can hear you scream. Especially when reading this wank. Really, there’s absolutely no excuse. The hippy dream had all but faded. The year of publication? 1974. Thank goodness for punk.

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